The beaches in Russia this summer 2017

Welcome to intourist, the leading website for holidays on russian beaches and proposing an information for all resorts and places on the whole Russian Black Sea coast. South of Russia highly talented with a generally favourable climate that is one of the country’s best features. You can enjoy four lovely and tender seasons in Russia. Beautiful blooming Spring, dry and hot Summer, long and pleasant Autumn with the multi-coloured forests and mild Winter. The warm and pleasant climate and location give an excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Rusian cuisine is noted for the diversity and quality of dairy products and the variety of Russia wines. The Russian Black Sea coast enjoys a mild and pleasant climate. Its seaside is long 600 km and includes thousands of beaches all of them beautiful and unique. The Russian Black Sea coast is washed by the Black Sea, a marvellous stretch of beaches, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy air, fine golden sand and natural dunes, mineral water springs, blue flag winning resorts, holiday villages and campsites. The Black sea has a big magic force, so if you visit it once you’ll be for sure back again. Average air temperature in the Summer resorts is about 29°C, water temperature 26°C. The two international airports of Anapa and Krasnodar connects the Russian Riviera to the world. You can reserve all kind of travel and accommodation due to your special requests and the purpose of your holiday and stay. We can take a care to cover all your needs for your family trip, for young people, for a calm rest to stay in such quite hotels, or for people who like entertainments, travel or sport. A part of our perfect service is to offer arrival and departure transfers. For your children you can get a great excellent number of services, we organize a lot of interesting sports competitions and games. The resorts offer Aqua parks with a lot of games, attractions and surprises for the children. Anapa is famous for its archaeological finds, only there you’ll see churches and temples, which are gathered together surrounded by old buildings and charming stony streets the ancient city of Gorgippia The Russian coastline resorts are popular and many villages located straight on the beach offer the best possibility for a rural tourism. Visit a unique Russian village with visit to an old Russian house, taste the old special national dishes made personally for you. Make interesting visits to ethnographic places with wine tasting, national food and arts.

Golf is a relatively new sport in Russia, three of the golf projects are located in the yet unspoiled beautiful coastal area, north of Anapa city.
Russian Hunting is one of the best destinations in the world. We provide all kinds of fishing from fly fishing, coarse fishing, game fishing, trolling, rock fishing, beach fishing and diving. Bird watching is an activity which gives a pleasure and quietness with actively seeking an interesting species or just enjoying the birds in the beautiful gardens.

For the people who like to play in a casino and prefer to have many entertainments during the holiday, we offer all this service. Yacht tourism in Russia is an exciting experience which the holidaymakers should try. The curative Russian mineral springs, the mud sources, along the Black Sea coast and the modern well equipped wellness centres in the hotels will cover all care for the health, providing excellent opportunities for effective treatment of diseases and also unique atmosphere for a nice and relaxing spa holiday.

We offer the best choices of hotels in Sunny beach Anapa and many other places on the Russian Black sea coast.

We offer the following services:

Hotel reservations
Wellness facilities
Tourist transfers
VIP accommodation and a special VIP services
Congress Tourism
Christmas and New year events
Special greeting services
All our care and special attention and services will make you feel an important and happy.


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